Some amazing and some bizarre facts about mobile phones

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The phone always around me:

Have you noticed how your phone follows everywhere that you go? Like a faithful pet!
Mobile phone owners are notorious for taking them today at places at places where it probably has no business for. For instance to the toilet seat!! Just keeps me wondering what do they take them there for?

A friend of mine who was famous, rather infamous for this habit told me on interrogation that he took his phone along as a measure to protect his privacy. So that someone does not sneak into his phone while he is dispensing his most important duty. I hesitantly bought that argument. Not because I did not believe him but I thought it was obnoxious to take your phone along with you to the toilet!

That brings us to the most bizarre fact which says that a mobile phone alone is believed to have 20 times more bacteria than the public toilets do. This fact may be absolutely believable since I have the first-hand experience now!

Maybe I am just thinking too long on this, say, by mistake your phone falls off in the toilet? Gosh, there goes your privacy and the phone with it!!

Japanese phones:
In Japan, phones are 90% waterproof. No, please this does not mean that you can sneak your phone into the swimming pool. Some people will do anything to not let their secrets out, gosh!

More power to the phone:

Yes, privacy granted. Today that little device you hold in your palm can and is indeed carrying more computing power than the real computers that were on board Apollo 11 which landed on the moon. Just imagine! In case you have any kind of classified information on that phone you will be allowed to take the defense of guarding your privacy. But toilet?!

Here is the statistics:

In the UK alone, tens of thousands of phones are dropped every year into the toilets. And what so they do when they recover it?  Yuckies!

From the elephantine intestines:

There was a youtube video recently where a woman tourist in Thailand accidently feeds the elephant her mobile phone while feeding him a bunch of bananas. What can follow are the frenzy and the confusion and the wait till the elephant poops. Oh yes, it does and guess what. It does not digest that mobile phone! Yippee, everyone’s happy. The elephant, the woman, and the phone…!

Survey results prove that 95 percent of mobile phone users are always an arm’s distance away from their mobile phones. And these people are the ones who can get jittery when they suddenly cannot find where they have put their phones. Also, the same survey proved categorically that out of the 300 people who were subject to the survey, 280 people preferred to check what was on their mobile phones the first thing when they get up.

The medical hazards:

Mobile phone radiations are now believed to be the cause of widespread epidemics like insomnia or sleeplessness, mild to severe headaches and normal confusion and forgetfulness. Experts are also on an agreement that severs psychiatric conditions like maniacs and phobias till date unknown are suddenly surfacing among people and they are all related closely to extreme usage of wireless gadgets and the chief one among them being the mobile phone.

Have you heard a small ring in your head similar to the ringtone on your mobile? And when you check your phone you realize that it was only inside your head? This may be lightly put away as some freak funny incident but a new psychiatric condition called ringxiety is prominently seen by practitioners today who see patients exhibiting extreme condition that tells them that all is definitely not well with the world today.

Children mental health:

Doctors world over are recommending that children below 12 years are not handed wireless gadgets because it affects their mental cognition. Children who have had maximum exposure to screens and wireless devices exhibit severe aggression and they also hinge on depressive mood condition.

Today 90 percent of the people in the world own a mobile phone and 80 percent to f these are smartphones. While our phones are becoming smarter day by day, there is a general observation that people are becoming dumber day by day.

And the funniest bit of the survey that I mentioned was that out of the 280 people who checked their phone early morning, only 150 of them cared to brush their teeth. How? I fail to understand!!